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How to Keep Children Secure/Safe in the Online Space – World's Most Reliable Monitoring Software

How to Keep Children Secure/Safe in the Online Space

With the increase in the number of children with smartphones, there is the danger of your children coming into contact with the wrong online content. Have you ever wished there was a single way to monitor everything your child does while you are away? Well, with Kidsecure Pro, all that is possible. The installation and set up process will take you less than 5 mins on android and iOS. You simply need to install the app on the target device and you will be able to remotely monitor what they are up to from the control panel on your end. Below are some of the features offered;

Facebook Monitoring

With the Facebook monitoring tool for this application, you get to know about what your kids update, like, comment on, tag, get tagged in, their friends and the photos and videos they upload and download. It is one way to know the type of content your kid is all about.

Twitter Monitoring

This app also allows you to monitor the Twitter feed of your child. You can check out their private and public conversations, check out their messages and any mentions of their Twitter handles. It is that simple with this app as you are always on top of things.

Instagram Monitoring

Kidsecure Pro also comes with the capability to monitor your kids and their Instagram usage practices. From their followers, their likes to the content they upload online, this app will tell you all about it. You do not want to be caught unawares as a parent.

Text Message Monitoring

This particular app will allow you to read all the messages sent and received by your child. By all it means both iMessage and other types of messages that were incoming, outgoing and even deleted texts. In this way, you can be sure that nothing will pass your clever eye.

Social and Mobile Contacts

With Kidsecure Pro, you have the chance to scrutinize the contacts he or she has on their device. This app will allow you access their contacts both on their device and their social media platforms.

Family Locating

This app allows you to review the last location your kid was at. It also allows you as a parent to schedule automatic checkins to send you locations your child was at in a given period. In case your child goes off the grid, you will know their last location for purposes of safety.

Photo Reviewing

You will also be able to view the photos they send and receive or store on their mobile devices. This is an easy and sure way of not having to invade their privacy by physically taking control of their phones. You will also easily keep the innocence of your child.

Scanning of Social Networks

You will also be able to view the accounts and profiles of your child whether they are public or privately hidden ones. You will be able to know which sites they have signed up to for ease of controlling the content they have on their devices.

You get all these facilities and many more in this simple app available for both android and iOS. It is also very affordable with a three month’s tier costing you just $50. You can also get the 6 months and yearly tiers at $90 and $150 respectively. Parenting couldn’t be made any easier in the current technological world. Your child’s life and safety is priceless, stay ahead technologically and keep him/her safe.

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